The board

The dorm is a self-owned institution which is governed by a board of directors that composes of representatives from an education-institution in Aalborg Municipality (at this time, AAU), Aalborg Municipality as well as a representative for the donators, which means the companies and organizations that since the dawn of time have given subsidies to the building.

  • Bent Sørensen, representative from political party. (president)
  • Tobias Kallehauge, president of the tenant council.
  • Nora Mogensen, vice president of the tenant council.
  • Reidar Kogstad, representative from political party – Social Demokraterne.
  • Jens Chr. Kløve, representative from UCN.
  • Lene Møller, representative from AKU.
  • Bente Sørensen, representative from the bank.

The president of the board of directors and the chairman of the residents committee comprise of a business-committee that handle the dorm’s daily operation.

The dorm’s director participates in the board’s and business-committee’s meeting and has freedom to speak, but no suffrage. In addition, the board of directors advises with information about the dorm’s daily operation.  

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