Tenant Council

Under the Tenant association, who all residents are a part of, a residents committee is impaired. This committee is refereed to as the Tenant Council.  The committee’s purpose is to handle the resident’s interests and work as a intermediator between the residents and the dorm’s board. Additionally, the residents committee must stand for the operations of common facilities to benefit the dorm’s residents. This could be fx. operation, maintenance and cleaning of the common facilities.

The Tenant Councill can appoint one or more residents to handle and administrate the operations of the dorm’s common facilities.

The residents committee usually holds its meeting the 1. Thursday of every month in the café at 20:00 with eventual exceptions during the summer and christmas periods. Every kitchen has the right (and duty) to send a representative to the residents committee meeting (the portnerbuilding has a representative joint blue 1). According to the residents committee’s constitution , every kitchen must send a representative to the meeting to secure a greater continuity in the committee’s work.   

The meetings are open and all are welcome – but every hall has only one voice/vote.

A general assembly is held every year in October.  

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