Practical information

The Blocks 
The dormitory is divided in two blocks. Kollegievej 4 is Block I and Kollegievej 6 is Block II. Each block has four halls each assigned a different colour. The halls nearest to the front door on the ground floor are blue and green for the first floor. The halls farthest from the front door are grey on the ground floor and red on the first floor. For example: Red II is the hall on first floor farthets from the front door in Block II.
There is also a doorman housing next to Block I with three rooms. The doorman housing has a common kitchen, toilet and bathroom for the three residents living in the building.

All outer doors to the dormitory are locked. The keys to rooms in one block fits all the outer doors of that block and the front door of the opposite block.

Reserve key
Your reserve key should be kept with care. It is your own responsibility if you keep your key in the kitchen, hall, etc where it could be stolen. Insurances rarely cover your losses in cases like that, so store your reserve key with care! The best solution is to give it to a person you really trust.

If you lock yourself out…
Should you be unlucky to lock yourself out on late hours you can call G4S  on tel. (+45) 70 22 10 55. The price to be locked in is 300,-  and you are required to show picture ID. If you lock yourself out when the caretaker is at work, you can contact him and be locked in for free.

The kitchens have access to a TV-package which is also included in the rent. Your kitchen might not have a television that can take the signal, so if you want connection take it up in your respective hall.

Purchase to the kitchens

Every kitchen has a disposal amount of kr. 1500,- per semester. The money can be freely used by the halls. Within the same financial year, it is possible to transfer the remaining amount to the next semester, which means the transfer can only happen from the fall semester to the spring semester.

The vacuum cleaner

Every kitchen has a vacuum cleaner. It is encouraged to put back the vacuum cleaner after use, so others can use it too. When replacing the vacuum bag, make sure that the bag is correctly placed before the vacuum cleaner is used. It is also encouraged to treat the vacuum cleaner with care – treat things how you want people to treat yours.

Posters on the room door

Please be noted that mounting posters on the room door or closets is your own responsibility. Due to the sunlight, the door and closets can be discolored and you must fix it once you move out of the dorm.

Cleaning of the room and bathroom

Washing the floor in the room must only be done with washing- / care products which does not contain wax or build up a greasy layer. The floor in the bathroom must only be washed with brown soap.

Note! The floors cannot tolerate a lot of water. 

The dorm inhabitant association’s economy

The College association,receives every month contingent from every resident at the dorm, which equals to kr. 15,-, kr. 19.800,- yearly.

The money belongs to the residents and residents committee which can freely be disposed.

Furthermore, the College association receives revenue from the usage of the washing machines. The prices for the usage is primarily set as following; the revenue must cover the operational costs, which means the washing machine’s washing powder.


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