Wash House

In every block, there is a washing room with to industrial washing machines as well as a tumble dryer.  To use the washing machines and dryer, you must throw-in a token in, respectively, the washing machine’s- or tumble dryer’s token-automaton in order to start the desired program.

The price for a wash/dry is the token’s price of, at the moment, kr. 5,- no matter which program has been selected. The tokens can be bought at the token dealers in your hallway. The kr. 5,- you pay for the token goes to covering the expenses on washing powder as well as maintenance on the washing machines and tumble dryer. The expenses to electricity is paid through the rent, and assumes that everyone washes their clothes at the dorm. The electricity expense for a single wash is 1,5 kr. Whereas the expense for drying is between 3 – 5 kr. . If you want to help save electricity, then avoid the dryer and hang your clothes instead.

Watch the list of tokendealers.

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