Rules of conduct

The Rules of Conduct for Aalborghus Kollegiet, Kollegievej 4-6, 9000 Aalborg. (Translated to enslish feb 2018

  1. The dorm is a self-owned institution which rents out rooms to students during their education.
  2.  The dorm is led by a board which is impaired by Aalborg City Council. The board of directors consist a total of seven members whereof two are dorm inhabitants and one represent the donators.
  3. The daily board of directors consist of a, of the board of directors committee, director.
  4. The dorm inhabitants vote for a residents committee which handles the dorm inhabitants’ interests among themselves and regarding the board. The residents committee administrate the financial disposal-limit in agreement to the guidelines which the board has set-up.
  5. To live at the dorm comes with a mutual sense of care and respect. The dorm inhabitants must have the needed peace for their work but also the availability for spending time together and conduct some form of activities. This is left to the dorm inhabitants themselves to decide the guidelines for the residents’ behaviour. The board’s decision regarding the administrative conditions, the dorm inhabitants’ behaviour and the dorm’s spending must naturally also be respected.
  6. When moving in, the dorm inhabitant is ushered a room which have been cleaned up and has newly painted walls and, if necessary, the ceiling. When moving in, a deposit must be paid, which is set by the dorm’s residents committee, that equates to DKK 3800,-, where the DKK 1500 will be spent on cleaning the room if that has not be done when moving out. It is worth noting that the dorm inhabitant, when moving out, can be required to pay extra in case of further expenses (such as grinding and/or re lacquer of the room’s floor)
  7. When moving in, the dorm inhabitant will receive the required keys, these must be returned once moving out. Eventual missing keys will be replaced by the dorm inhabitant, whereas the new keys are ordered from the director by payment. Due to safety measures, the lock to the inhabitant’s door will changed. Any ruined keys must be delivered to the director, so the new keys can be ordered, which will be replaced by the dorm inhabitant. The following inventory will be in the room:
    1. One set for curtains
    2. A shower curtain
  8. The dorm does not take any responsible for the residents’ personal belongings. Insurance of these items, hereof, fire, thief, and liability, must be signed by themselves.
  9. The dorm inhabitants are responsible for the room and any kind of depreciation which cannot ascribe usual use (for example, hanging a poster on the door or closet door, which can give a patchy bleach from the sunlight) When moving out, the room must be repaired after the clean-up. The amount is deducted from the deposit before the repayment. When moving out, the room must be repainted. If the dorm inhabitant wishes to paint, then the paint must be bought at the board. The paint costs DKK 500,- and only covers the paint itself – not the brushes, etc. The dorm inhabitant can also choose to get the room painted which costs DKK 1200,-. Internal moving is seen as a real move-out, which signifies a new contract-signature incl. a stamp duty, etc. Internal moving must be agreed with AKU.
  10. Questions about the dorm inhabitants’ replacement duty is normally decided by the dorm host. The dorm inhabitants can mislay this decision to the board.
  11. The rent must be paid by the 1st weekday after the 1st of every month (due date), unless an agreement, before the due date, has been made with the board. Payment after the previous stated date will be charged with a DKK 25,- fee. If the rent has not been paid by the 20th in the due-date month, the tenancy will be terminated with a month’s notice from the month’s end. The rent payment is done through a special bank-payment slip and should be done via. PBS. If the rent is not paid on these payment slips, an administration fee of DKK 25,- will be charged. The charged fee is mandatory and must be paid immediately along with the following rent. A rent rise can be implemented with a 3 months’ notice for the 1st in a month.
  12. Resignation of the room must happen no later than the 15th in a month, if the dorm inhabitant wishes to move out at the 1st in the next following month, which means the resignation must happen no later than six weeks before moving out.
  13. The kitchens are at the dorm inhabitant’s disposal. Anyone who uses the kitchen have the duty to immediately clean up after themselves. Any kind of cooking is referred to the kitchens. The responsible for the cooking equipment is to be carried by the dorm inhabitants. The placement of extra inventory must be under due diligence care regarding the cleaning and the kitchens’ future appearance.
  14. The dorm inhabitants are permitted to let other stay in their room during their absence. It is possible to sublet the room to a student for a maximum of one year, if the dorm inhabitant has a longer, out of town stay, e.g. an internship. The condition is that the concerned dorm inhabitant is responsible for payment and damages on the room, as well as the board must approve the subletting and, in some cases, the inhabitant moving in.
  15. The dorm inhabitants are responsible for locking their own door.
  16. Motorbikes and alike may only be parked in the motorbike-cellar under block 2. Bikes must be parked on the mount by either the parking lot or the bike-cellar. No bikes, furniture or alike may be parked in the cellar hallway, where there are emergency exits.
  17. The dorm owns a depository for trunks and alike in both block 1 and 2.
  18. The board for the student-accommodating-institution must terminate the tenant with two months’ notice when:
  • The tenant has completed their education
  • The tenant has stopped or aborted their education
  • The tenant has not completed their education no later than one year after the education’s length of study provided the move in has happened immediately at the study’s beginning or one year after.
  • The tenant has not lived up the prerequisites, whereof the room is rented out, which means the tenant is study-active.  
  1. In case of thief and vandalism at the dorm, if a dorm inhabitant has committed thief/vandalism, it must be notified, and which will result in an immediate termination of the tenancy as well as be reported to the police.

Enacted by the board the 26th of November 1996.

The board                       The residents committee
Jens Riise                         Gitte Hove